VEVOR Stainless Steel Kettle,5Gal Brewing Pot


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Expert Brewing Gear
Introducing the Brewing Pot Kit, designed for both novice and seasoned brewing professionals. Experience unimaginable brewing delights and savor flavorsome craft beers, red wines, and other exquisite beverages. It’s truly a brewer’s treasure.

With the external thermometer, there’s no need to lift the lid, ensuring an efficient way to monitor temperatures. The dual-marked thermometer provides quick readings for precise temperature control. The outward-facing ball valve ensures a faster and splash-free flow.

Maximize efficiency and enhance flavor with double filtration. Pour out a clear, impurity-free liquid without the need for manual filtration. Save time and effort while savoring richly flavored drinks that tantalize your taste buds, offering the ultimate brewing experience.

Place malt into the stainless-steel brewing pot and maintain a temperature of 66-68°C, allowing for mashing over an hour to release sugars. The tri-layered pot base, including an aluminum layer at the bottom, ensures optimal heat distribution and conduction.

Comes with a mini-wrench, facilitating the installation of the thermometer and ball valve. Silicone rings ensure a tighter assembly of components. Lastly, use the provided waterproof tape to secure the ball valve, guaranteeing a leak-proof seal.

Features & Details
  • Professional Brewing Equipment: This home brew kettle set is equipped with a stainless-steel brewing pot, thermometer, ball valve, and other small beer brewing accessories, making it suitable for crafting a variety of beers. From smooth ales to delicious porters and hopped beers, it’s the first choice for brewing enthusiasts. With a large 5-gallon capacity, this brew pot is ideal for home beer brewing, cooking, boiling water, dyeing fabrics, or any activity that requires a large volume. Delight in the pleasure that flavor brings.

  • Convenient and Safe Temperature Control: The home brew kettle features an exposed thermometer design, allowing you to monitor the temperature without having to open the lid, ensuring safety and efficiency. The dual-scale thermometer, reading from 0-120°/0-250°F, offers convenient readings and precise temperature control. Accompanied by a high-quality stainless steel lid, it provides a tight seal, aiding in heat retention.

  • Dual Filtration: This kettle pot for beer introduces an upgraded filter tray and mesh tube, easily removing unwanted particles from the pot. The dual filtration maximizes efficiency and improves taste, eliminating the need for manual filtering, saving both time and effort. Indulge in rich and flavorful brews that tantalize the taste buds. The handle ensures added convenience in use.

  • Durable Construction: The brewing pot and lid are made from a durable 0.7mm high-quality stainless steel, boasting a stable build that’s both sturdy and corrosion-resistant. The polished stainless steel finish makes it easy to clean. Its three-layered pot base, with an aluminum bottom layer, ensures better heat distribution and conduction. It’s compatible with various stovetops including induction, and gas.

  • Secure Sealing: The outward-facing ball valve features an ultra-tight seal, allowing for faster water flow and reducing splashes. An additional waterproof adhesive tape is provided to reinforce the seal, preventing leaks, ensuring your brewing process remains as neat as possible.

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