Teapots to Boil Water Distiller 4L Distilled Water Maker With Glass Pot

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  • WATER DISTILLER: This CO-Z tabletop water distiller purifies water, filters out impurities, and dissolves VOCs at a rate of 0.3 gallons per hour. It provides easy access to purified water in your kitchen, home office, dental clinic, or lab.
  • SAFE OPERATION: This water distiller automatically turns off when the temperature reaches 302°F to effectively prevent overheating. The container is made of 304 stainless steel and the exterior has a stylish golden powder-coated finish for long-lasting performance.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: The included cleaning powder makes it easy to remove any sediment or limescale build-up. Clear instructions guide you through the cleaning process to ensure you have cleaner water for years to come.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Our distilled water maker provides 6 ppm water for both home and commercial use. The purified water is great for healthy drinking and can be used in coffee machines, humidifiers, engine cooling systems, CPAP machines, cooking, aquariums, and more.

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Golden – 4 L, Red – 4 L, Silver – 4 L, White – 6 L


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