Resafy Magnetic Knife Wooden Block Display Holder with Strong Enhanced Magnets

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Natural & Simple Style: Knife storage with a simple yet style-conscious design,place the embedded neodymium rare earth magnets inside acacia wood sandwiched.Sturdy and durable and environmental protection,create a Green and Healthy Kitchen.(Please place the magnet blcok as we show)Please don't Prolonged exposure to the sun,Wood would be cracked because of expand when heated and contract when cooled.

Not Only for Knives: Because of the built-in magnet the knives will stick to the surface of the block. The knives are completely visible, so you will never grab hold of the wrong one.Especially for Metal Knives not only great for storing knifes, kitchen sears, cutlery widgets, or metal objects.Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the knife block looks amazing on your counter top!

Powerful Magnet & Ultra-Large Capacity: Premium magnetic stand has strong, durable neodymium magnets hidden inside. The minimalistic, neat design fits any kitchen interiors.This solid wood and stainless steel knife block features internal magnets to secure the knife blades securely in place.Ultra-Large Capacity, Can be placed iron knives(Except for Ceramic Cutters)

Prevent Dulling of The Knife Blades: They are safe for the blades you intend to store on it as the blade only comes into contact with the wood. As such the blade remains sharp and the cutting edge will never be damaged.Wipe the water off before putting the items on it.✖ Because the blade is short,or the handle is too heave,some kinds of boning knife and paring knife could not hold well,even the magnetic force is more stronger.Because the balance of the knife,they would stuck the worst.

Anti- Slip Feet & Wood Grain: NON SLIP BASE KNIFE DOCK-Finished with slip-proof anti-skid felt pads on the bottom, our wood knife block is safer to use on slippery counter tops than ordinary blocks. No more skidding, slipping, sliding or wobbling around!Your Magnetic Knife Holder is made of NATURAL acacia wood. The natural wood can be different in wood grain. This imperfection is the mark of an natural product. If you are not happy with your product, we will gladly grant you a full refund.

This magnetic knife block only need to be maintained with vegetable oil,Prevent wood from cracking. (Note: for steel iron blade only, NOT for ceramic knives)

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