Grain Mill Multifunctional, Big Capacity 750G/1000G/2500G Herb Coffee Grinder


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1. 270° swing grind / Upright Type grind: During grinding can get more uniform powder and make it pouring more convenient.
2. Safety upgraded grain/spice/herbs grinder: ① Alloy handle with safe
lid & reverse buckle handle ②Timer knob switch and overload
protection button ③ swing angle adjustment knob and carbon brushes
3. Suitable for various dried materials like grains, spices, herbs and so on.
4. Easy to Clean by cleaning brush to clean powder and wipe inside with dried cloth. Container cant be rinsed with water.

Continuous Working Time: less than 3 minutes
Interval Time: 5-10 minutes
Powder Fineness: 50-350 mesh
Crush Level: Superfine Crush
Capacity: 750g/1000g/2500g spice grinder
Power: 2500W(750g)/2800W(1000g)/4000W(2500g)
Voltage: 110V US plug
Material: Stainless Steel
high speed: 25000 r/min


1, This grain grinder can only be turned on after the lid is fully buckled.
2, Do not put the material over 2/3 of grinding bin.
3, The materials ready for grinding must be dry enough.
4, The whole process is carried out in the closed grinding bin, which will generate heat and cause the machine to heat up.
5, Rest the machine for 5-10 minutes after every 3 minutes operation.
6,When grain grinder is in an overloaded/overheat state, the overloaded
protector will work automatically to stop the operation. you need to
replace the carbon brushes on the both sides and then pressing the
overload protector again, then the grinder could work well.

Different materials, the grinding effect is different according to the grinding time

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2500g Swing Type, 750g Swing Type, 1000g Swing Type, 750g Upright Type

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