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Bullet Points:

1.Simple to Use: Separate the top of the egg with this handy tool that easily removes the top of the egg by hand with a round egg shell opening. Gently turn the scissors ring and lift it to enjoy your boiled egg without any mess.
2.Convenient to Carry: Slice hard-boiled eggs effortlessly, anytime and anywhere with Egg Scissors. Perfect for small to medium-sized eggs, easy to store, and dishwasher safe. Ideal for outdoor adventures or quick breakfast fixes.
3.Long-lasting Performance: Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, these egg scissors are highly resilient and won’t break easily. The wear-resistant material makes them rustproof, making every cut smooth and hygienic.
4.No More Eggshell Woes: Enjoy a hassle-free egg-cracking experience with Egg Scissors! These scissors won’t leave eggshell pieces behind, won’t burn your fingers, and are super easy to use. The manual design lets you crack eggs with precision, delivering perfect results every time.
5.Multiple Usage: Effortlessly cut through eggshells with our Egg Scissors, perfect for versatile egg prep in any dining setting. Ideal for homes, restaurants, cafes and more.
Effortlessly separate the top of your small to medium-sized eggs with this Stainless Steel Egg Topper Cutter! No more burnt fingers or uneven shell edges. Perfect for any kitchen.

Name: Egg Scissors
Material: stainless steel
Product size: (approx.)10*7.7cm/3.94*3.03 inches
Weight: (approx.)50g

Packing List:
1* Egg Cutting Tool</span

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