1.5 L Electric Hot Water Coffee & Tea Maker


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1.5 L Electric Hot Water Coffee & Tea Maker

It also features automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection to ensure your safety and help conserve electricity. Hopefully, it proves that it's possible to be beautiful without sacrificing functionality, because with this glass electric kettle you can be both, and it makes a perfect gift!

INSTANT – Heat water twice as fast and use half the electricity with the new Glass Electric Kettle. This kettle has a 1500 watt (120V) heating element that can boil a 1.5 liter pot of water in less than 7 minutes, saving you valuable time. It's a great alternative to microwave ovens and old-fashioned stovetop kettles and can be used to make tea, coffee, pasta, oatmeal or hard-boiled eggs.
INNOVATIVE – For your convenience. This easy-to-fill solution is a pioneer in kettle technology; you don't need to open the lid to fill the kettle!
ELEGANT – Made from premium heat-tempered borosilicate glass, the glass electric kettle's classic design retains its sleek sophistication after years of use, making it a sure-fire choice for the modern kitchen. The kettle lights up with a beautiful blue LED halo every time it boils, its swivel base rotates 360°, and its built-in cord storage gives it a regal and elegant look on the kitchen counter or dining table.

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