Small Crab Forks stainless steel

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1.【Anti-Rust Stainless Steel】Made of stainless steel with better hardness, especially suitable for handling hard-shelled food. Stainless steel is also very strong and durable. They are both anti-corrosion and rust-proof and can be used for a long time.
2.【Convenient Handle】Seafood forks has a very convenient handle design, which is easy to grasp and easy for everyone to use. The handle is really practical.
3.【Not Easy to Rust】Don't worry about rust after frequent cleaning, the seafood forks are very easy to clean, and it is rust-proof and shiny after washing.
4.【Multiple Uses】Perfect for catering/buffet serving guests with pickles or other small things. Great for mixed fruit, appetizers, cheeses, meats, and snails.
5.【Good Polishing】Good polishing process makes it without rough edges and makes it modern and beautiful, the seafood forks are really suitable to match your cutlery set.


Small Crab Forks are made of quality stainless steel, are not easy to rust, are durable, and can use for a long time.
Easy to use and clean, each double-headed pick has a shovel at one end and a fork at the other end, The shovel can be used to fish out crab sauce or meat, and the fork can be used to fish out crab legs meat.
Small Crab Forks are suitable for lobster, crab, seafood, shellfish, oyster, nut, and so on.

Material: 304 stainless steel

1*Crab Forks Stainless Steel

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