Seed Splitter Automatic USB Rechargeable Peeler for Sunflower / Melon Seeds

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Sunflower Seed Splitter Automatic SunflowerShell Remover USB Rechargeable Peeler for Sunflower Melon Seeds Kitchen Supplier
Bullet Points:

1.Time-Saving: Split Seeds Without Touching a Button. The Sunflower Seed Splitter's touch sensor switch can be effortlessly turned on with a touch, freeing up your hands and making it simple and convenient to operate. Enjoy the delicious seeds with ease and without wasting time and effort.
2.Wide Application Scope: Effortlessly crack open sunflower, pumpkin, and other melon nuts of different shapes and sizes with our versatile Sunflower Seed Splitter. The multi sized holes allow easy peeling, and the unique porous position design makes delightful your favorite nuts a breeze, anywhere and anytime.
3.Efficient Performance: This sunflower nut splitter can automatically reverse when the melon nuts are stuck, pushing them out for easy removal. This feature effectively reduces jamming, protects the motor from being burned out, and helps you peel melon nuts easily and smoothly.
4.Long Term Use: By using a USB interface, our Sunflower Seed Splitter can be charged quickly and stably, making it perfect for long term use. Eliminate the need for manual labor and enjoy the advantages of stress-free charging with our innovative nut splitter.
5.Skidproof Design: Designed with anti-slip pads beneath, our Sunflower Seed Splitter stays stable and secure on tables and sofas, providing a safe and easy nut cracking experience. Never worry about slipping or tilting again.
Introducing the Melon Nut Opener Machine! Featuring a touch sensor switch, it adapts to different sizes and shapes of melon nuts, effortlessly peeling them with ease and smoothness. Quick and stable charging, while easily sitting on tables or sofas. Say goodbye to the tedious task of opening melon nuts with this innovative machine!


Material: ABS+stainless steel

Size: (approx.)8*8*7.5cm/3.15*3.15*2.95 inches
Weight with packaging: 210g
Weight: 167g

Packing List:

1*Electric SunflowerShell Remove

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