Ergonomic Orange Peeler Tool

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Bullet Points:
1.Effortlessly Store and Access: Equipped with a hole design at the handle’s end, this orange peeler is ready to suspend on the wall, ensuring convenient storage and easy access.
2.Endurable Material: Our Orange Peeler is made of endurable PP material that stays thick and tough, making it the perfect kitchen companion for long-term use that won’t bend or deform.
3.Safe to Use: Say goodbye to hand fatigue when peeling oranges with our orange peeler. Its ergonomic design reduces hand pressure and eliminates the need for a cutter. Enjoy a safer, more comfortable peeling experience with its longer edge for a perfect fit.
4.Enhanced Peeling Precision: Easily peel oranges and pomegranates with precision using this orange peeler’s adjustable serrating design and depth control feature. Say goodbye to messy peeling and effortlessly enjoy your favorite fruits.
5.Easy to Carry: Indulge in delicious fruits effortlessly with this Orange Peeler. Its compact size and portability allow you to enjoy healthy snacking anytime and anywhere, making it a must-have fruit tool for your daily life.
Our Pomelo Peeler is the perfect fruit tool for your kitchen. Made of endurable material with a serrated design, it features a longer edge for a better fit. Its convenient storage makes it easy to store. Enjoy effortless peeling with this truly great fruit tool.

Name: Orange Peeler
Material; PP material
Product size: about 18.5×4.3cm/7.28×1.69 inches

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Orange Peeler*1

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